Artless #12

connect – disconnect

ARTless is an artmagazine with a focus on collaboration and experiment. Each bimester the initiator Keke van de Ven enters a collaboration with another creative. This collaboration leads to a unique theme or concept that results in different types of content every issue.

For this issue Keke teamed up with conceptual artist Ilse van den Dungen, who uses linguistics to express her research on consolation. She considers words to be a possible representation of the concept of an absolute hermeneutical truth often described as God. Keke’s intuitive need and ability to create is admired but certainly not shared by the calculating approach of Ilse. Though complete opposites in method and work, the two former classmates share a fascination with the word as concept and it’s visual and ontological value. In this collaboration random words were chosen to function as frames in which their approach might interact and overlap with each other. The four words are all English verbs and random results of an online generator.

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