Artless #3

ARTless is an artmagazine with a focus on collaboration and experiment. Each bimester the initiator Keke van de Ven enters a collaboration with another creative. This collaboration leads to a unique theme or concept that results in different types of content every issue.

For the third issue Keke entered a collaboration with Poetic-Ego-videoartist Janneke Sars. Keke and Janneke both tend to ignore reality preferring their own fantasies. With their heads stuck in the clouds they express the world they experience through images,video and text. The concept for Artless #3 originated from a fascination with the poetic relationship between language and image. The idea was to first work separately and then come together to create combinations. These combinations were made to enhance, challenge or contradict the original image or tekst. All of the images that Keke created and the teksts that Janneke wrote centered around the question “ Who is she?”

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